Friday, April 26, 2013

Zoe's Playroom

I finally finished Zoe's playroom (minus a few things). We moved in a year ago and this has been a work in progress. I used the loft next to Zoe's bedroom and my craft room to create her playroom. Hopefully I can work on more craft projects while she can play near by. 

This is what I inherited when we moved.
My brother collected several pallets for me and I took them apart to create a "picket fence," which actually sat for 9 months before I got around to painting it. Below are before and after pictures. 


After: This is my reading area which Zoe thinks is best for reading stories before bedtime.
I added window curtains (which I had to lengthen). I added curtains to a armoire I bought a few months ago. I made/pieced the quilt and Levi's grandma and her sisters hand quilted it for me. I found a cute chair, but I still need to recover it.

Before: I made the kitchen out of a nightstand and an shelf a couple years ago.

After: I found a cabinet and painted it and added handles. Unfortunately I did not match the colors well, but I can always touch up the original kitchen. I found an IKEA table and chairs at the DI for $10. I painted it, added cushions to the seats, and made a tablecloth. 

After: I painted a doll cradle a friend found for me at the DI for $5. I added a cushion to the vanity chair. I painted some pictures frames which I will be adding a picture of a temple for her. I also painted the TV stand and added handles.


After: Added garland around the curtain rod.

After: A couple years ago I painted and mod podged some fabric to the top and drawers of  a desk I found at the DI for $8. The chair my great grandma gave me as a child from her church house that flooded. I painted it and added a cushion. I love organizing Zoe's toys in bins.  

After: Zoe was so excited to put her "letters" in her playroom. Now it is officially her room.

After: Zoe loves grocery shopping. She love making grocery lists, putting them in her purse, and heading to the grocery store so she can push the child size carts. So I found a shoe rack at the DI for $10 added baskets from the dollar store and now she can go shopping anytime she wants. I also painted and mod podged fabric to another IKEA table. I figure if she gets board we can change out accessories to create a doctors office for her toys.

Zoe loves playing in her new playroom and she had quite the imagination. She reminds me of Bonnie from Toy Story 3. She serves her toys dinner and hot chocolate. I'm so excited to watch her continue using her imagination to create memories she will have forever. 

The only downfall to this makeover is that she refuses to go to bed because she wants to play and read more "stories." 

If anyone is interested in having a tea party with my 3 year old give her a call. It would make her day. 

Please tell me what you think.